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Please watch the video in the audition material folder which outlines what we need. Then please learn the singing material and also the dance material available through the download button. Video record it, upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or your platform of choice, and submit it through our online submission portal below. 


Role requirements:

Range: ability to belt to a high “D” in chest, in addition to a clear controlled head sound. A strong “alto” bottom end to their voice is required (to lower A below C) Must be able to portray ages between 18 – 35 


Body: Height & Weight Proportionate

Height requirements: minimum 5’4” - 5'9" 

Good Physique - Size UK 8-10 


We are searching for talented singer/dancers with the ability to sing various styles of music from Rock/Pop to Jazz to Musical Theatre. Apart from a very strong dance background and technique, our singer/dancers are “second leads” and require well trained voices that are comparable to the lead vocalists.

Female Singer Dancer

Online Submissions
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