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Canberra, Australia


1 x 45 mins and 1 x 30 mins

Angus and Matilda are The Circus Firemen. These two brothers perform an incredible 45 minute show comprising physical comedy, acrobatics, fire juggling and precarious balance on ladders

The Circus Firemen have delighted audiences across Australia and around the world with their high skill circus and comedy show. Suitable for a variety of venues and audiences of all ages, Angus and Matilda provide world class entertainment combining traditional circus skills with contemporary Australian humour. The Circus Firemen are committed to being at the forefront of the Australian circus industry.

“Cute, endearing and obviously talented”

- Danu Poyner, Australian Stage

“From slapstick and physical comedy to their amazing juggling skills, they certainly brought a smile to everyone’s faces”

- Travis de Jonk

*The Circus Firemen Show is also available in a shorter length version on request. The Firemen perform shows that are perfect for festivals, cabaret and corporate events.

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