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Sydney, Australia


1 x 45 min, 1 x 30 min

Brendan Mon Tanner - Extreme Comic Magician!

He’ll fool you, con you, shock you and amaze you. It's entertainment with action, danger, hilarious audience interaction and the most amazing ‘Off the wall' magic stunts you've ever seen.

Brendan Mon Tanner is certainly the most extreme Comic Magician, with a hilarious repertoire of stunts and sleights up his sleeve ready to dazzle and entertain you.

Brendan has appeared on over 30 television shows such as Good morning Australia, The Footy Show, Midday Show, The MTV Awards, Sky Channel, the Comedy Channel and has appeared as a special guest on Ready Steady Cook, Four Weddings and the Guinness World Record Show in which Brendan extinguished 88 Fire torches with his mouth in 60 seconds. Brendan is still currently the Guinness World Record Holder for this.

Brendan Mon Tanner’s entertainment has earned him 15 Live entertainment awards for best Comedy Specialty Act and Production Show and recently nominated for the ACE Award for outstanding Versatile Performer/entertainer of the year.

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Comedy & Magic entertainment will certainly have an audience laughing off the edge of their seats, so watch out and be completely mesmerised by Australia’s No 1 Comedy trickster Brendan Mon Tanner and the Magic to the Max team.

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