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Sydney, Australia


2 x 45 mins

Carpe Idiotus (Tony Williams and Dennis Clare) bring together another memorable and hilarious show in Unspeakable Me. Using their trademark humour and skills in mime, illusion and physical theatre, Unspeakable Me is completely non verbal; transcending language and cultural barriers – where comedy is the only thing that speaks for itself.

After a catastrophic microphone incident the boys are rendered speechless. Now they must entertain the crowd using their own ingenious methods and without words.

In a brilliantly devised scene they play mad maestros, using the audience as their orchestra. Then stunning us visually, they create a world in which they become miniaturized and where they are chased by huge silver slinkies. In another scenario they enact an hilarious Best in Show, where their invisible dogs give rise to a pesky but indomitable flea.

Magical, slapstick, highly interactive, totally engaging and hysterically funny, Unspeakable Me is quite simply a show that is … beyond words.

“I was completely gobsmacked…” Ian Molly Meldrum
“So unexpected, I absolutely loved it…” Danni Minogue

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