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Auckland, New Zealand


2 x 45 mins

Fresh from his captivating journey on ‘The Voice’ Australia 2023, Dillon Rhodes emerged as a dynamic force from New Zealand, showcasing his electrifying funk soul prowess to the world stage.

As the frontman of the esteemed 10-piece funk ensemble, Hipstamatics, Dillon has been igniting dance floors with his infectious energy for over a decade! With electrifying shows at 2023 Waiheke Blues Festival, Tauranga Jazz Festival, Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival, Soundsplash, Splore and so many more.

Dillon lights up stages with his featured songs ‘What you know’ & ‘Soul Music’ from Hipstamatics self-titled debut EP when they took their original show on their nationwide summer tour, which includes the epic one night only ‘Soul Revue’ concert at Powerstation alongside Aaradna, Tyra & The Tornadoes and Estre.

A genre fluid vocalist! Dillon now lends his killer rock vocals to Led Zeppelin tribute band ‘Led Repplica’ and also 'Motown’s Hits & The Funk Brothers'

Dillon's solo piano performance provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the soulful resonance of his voice and the brilliance of his keyboard artistry.

A virtuoso pianist, soulful vocalist and an electric performer with years dedicated to the stage. Dillon Rhodes live, is not to be missed!

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