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Sydney, Australia


2 x 45 mins

Celebrating in concert style, this stunning production is inspired by and in honour of the most loved superstars that have ‘Gone Too Soon’

This vibrant yet sentimental performance embodies the sensational music & legacy of artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Amy Winehouse & George Michael to the powerful songbook of Freddy Mercury, Elvis & Whitney Houston just to name a few of our inspirational icons showcased within the eclectic setlist!

This divinely curated compilation delivers hit after hit, a crowd pleaser that leaves the audience in awe & wanting more.

Starring three powerhouse vocalists, accompanied with stunning musical arrangements, illuminating graphics, velvet harmonies, presented beautifully in chic costumes, the cast invite you to share the musical journey of these much loved & adored artists.

Sharing intriguing & sensational stories that rocketed them into stardom before they became our heavenly greats, this unique production is electrifying performance is not to be missed!

Gone but not forgotten, their legacy lives on through their music forever.....

Gone Too Soon was written by and created by multi, award-winning vocalist Monique Montez & International Director Nigel Turner-Carroll

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