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Sydney, Australia


2 x 45 mins

Grant Galea is an entertainer that exudes charisma, charm and class.........”. Las Vegas Weekly.
“He’s a throwback to the heyday of Las Vegas ........a one man Ratpack !”....... Sydney Morning Herald.

Grant graduated from the Ensemble Acting School with honors and a head full of dreams. After a considerable time acting in the theatre and television, he turned to his first love of singing when he was offered to play Dean Martin in Australia’s most successful tribute to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. After 3 years together, they parted ways and Grant decided to continue on. After a successful stint in Vegas where he was billed as “The Dino from Down Under”, Grant decided to heed the advice of Nancy Sinatra and “Be himself”. He worked on perfecting an act that was unlike any other yet brought back memories of the Golden Era of Las Vegas. Grant recalls, “I wanted a show that once seen, it would never be forgotten. There are hundreds of impersonators, but only one of me, and I want the audience to have all I have to offer.”

Grant Galea has performed all over the world from London to Las Vegas from the Queen Mary 2 to the Staten Island Ferry!

Inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Elvis, his show takes the audience back to an era when entertainers didn’t just merely sing, they thoroughly entertained the audience . It’s like he has come direct from a showroom like the Copa in New York or the Sands in Las Vegas!

Grant sings the classic songs with his unique style and velvet voice but also, as the show comes to a close, surprises the audience by launching into a routine with absolutely dead-on impressions. He does them all, from Sean Connery to Robert De Niro, from Al Pacino to Michael Caine, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Hugh Grant, and a bunch of U.S. Presidents including Obama, Bush and Clinton , just to name a few!

Resplendent in his tailored black tuxedo, tailored white shirt and authentic bow tie, Grantʼs debonair, yet personable charm, dry sense of humor, studied swagger and charismatic stage presence set him apart from the rest of the pack.

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