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Sydney, Australia


2 x 45 mins

When Rock and Roll meets Classical, the combination is electric, the result, magic!

When you combine a rock and roll guitarist with two classical violinists and a flute-playing jazz singer…. there are no rules!

This enormously talented group of four musicians entertains you with innovative arrangements of classics from the 60s to 00s, together with hits from the Classical and Traditional repertoire.

Audiences who have never before appreciated violins fall in love with the many and varied colours of this instrument.

The four-part vocal harmony from Highly Strung Rock & Roll Orchestra will speak to your heart as only a family group of singers can.

Husband and wife Justin and Bernadette, along with other family members are born musicians and entertainers, and their passion and love for their art enfold and inspire audiences of every age.

Highly Strung Rock and Roll Orchestra is a completely self-contained act, and uses no backing tracks nor requires backing musicians.

A brilliant and passionate performance from start to finish.

Don’t miss this unique experience.

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