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Melbourne, Australia


1 x 45 mins

MAGIC ON BROADWAY is a stylish, seamless blend of music, magic and comedy. With a contemporary take on the variety shows of old, this is fast-paced, light-hearted cabaret at its sparkling best. A quirky joyride of hilarious magic tricks and musical treats.
Be amazed, be moved, laugh your face off and fall in love with this class act.

The charismatic couple met on the high seas and are now based in Melbourne, Australia. Johnny and Isabel are show biz veterans with more than 20 years of performing on stage between them. They have worked in several continents and in many countries including Australia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Isabel Olofsson is a Swedish vocalist and captivating performer with a magnificent voice. With her personable and dynamic stage presence, Isabel will leave no one unaffected. Isabel did her training at Performing Arts School in Sweden and went on to perform the roles of Scaramouche in We Will Rock You and Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Johnny Balance is a world class act that will both make your jaw drop and tummy ache from laughter. His balancing of ladders, shopping trolleys and other large objects got him a mention in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. His mind-blowing balancing of a 12 foot ladder could be seen in last year’s AGT and you won’t regret seeing this incredible stunt live.
But not even that is what’s really gonna make you jump up and down in your seat and beg for more. Johnny Balance’s outrageous style as a comedy magician has left audiences in stitches across the world for over 10 years.

Johnny Balance and Isabel Olofsson can be booked as separate acts, as a double act or all of the above as a total package.

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