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Sydney, Australia


2 x 45 min, 1 x 20 min, 1 x 15 mins

Neo is an independent magician & actor with a formal training in the arena of theatrical arts including the study of acting, dancing, backstage production, direction and various aspects of the magical discipline.

Nowadays, Neo not only creates his own magic tricks and illusions but has also provided consultations to different industries in conjunction with specialized experts, including those from Marvel Cinematic Universe Studio to deliver perfectly crafted, seamlessly choreographed and mesmerizing illusions.

As a token of this work, Neo was honoured to receive a nomination for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture” by the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAGA) 2022 for his work in the fantasy superhero movie Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings under the Marvel banner.

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