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Brisbane, Australia


2 x 45 mins

The Vintage Belles brings a classic twist to contemporary songs, engaging audiences on a trip between the past and present. Dazzling harmonies, stylish stage presence and engaging banter, The Vintage Belles give modern audiences a glimpse of how our most popular and most loved pop songs would sound like through the wireless if back in the Hollywood golden era. Styles include jazz, gatsby, ragtime and ... pop.

Inspired by contemporary female pop stars they take Taylor Swift, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and ABBA, back into a new era - the glitz and glamour of old world Hollywood.

The music features unique arrangements of contemporary pop tunes reimagined as Hollywood golden-era swing and bossa nova hits. The appeal is vast and targeted to music lovers. Whether audiences are on a group night out, date night or enjoying a morning melody event the show has just the right amount of sass, style and sophistication to engage young and mature audiences.

Produced by Bec Djapovic Creative
As a triple threat artist with career highlights including Happy Feet, the Oscar Winning film and Hugh Jackman's The Boy From Oz arena tour, Rebecca has performed at Arcadia for The Brisbane Festival and is a regular on the live music scene.

Past Australian tours include Shout! The Legend of the Wild One, Grease- The Arena Spectacular, The Boy From Oz, in Melbourne for The Production Company; Sweet Charity, Mame, The Boyfriend, Singin’ in the Rain and Universal Studios Japan, Princess Cruise lines and Norwegian Cruise lines.

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